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Monday, December 18, 2006

Website coming...


Just wanted to let you know the new website should launch the end of the week!!! www.tinamillergolf.com I am so excited. It is such a nice page and the people at AWS (Athlete Web Services) are amazing!!! They did the website just how I wanted it and took my idea and ran with it. You will be able to see some pictures, read my journal, and also listen to my new podcasts...

I also did a segment for the www.floridagolfconnection.com It is a weekly show on SunSports (our Fox Sports Network here in FL). It should air soon and if it doesnt it will definitely be on their website for you to view. I had a lot of fun filming the show and the golf tips that will run throughout the season.

Till next time...keep on swingin'

Saturday, October 21, 2006



I am back in the warm part of the earth, Florida. Ahhh, so nice to sweat!
I have, now, a PT job at a golf course in Central FL and will continue to work hard on my game throughout the next 40 days (till Qschool). I am working mornings so I have the afternoon to golf and nights to workout.

I just want to say thank you to all those who have supported me throughout the year: Birdie Girl (www.birdiegirl.ca), LIJA clothing company (www.lijastyle.com), Taylor Made and Adidas (www.taylormade.com), American Thermoplastics and the Silberman Family (www.binders.com), Heavy Putter (www.heavyputter.com), Titleist and Footjoy (www.titleist.com), and Swing Juice (www.swingjuice.com).

I would also like to thank my representation, Chris Murray with IMANI Sports,Shaun Goodsell with the Mental Edge and Barry Goldstein for all their support along the way. As well as the support from Mr. Morse for believing in my dreams. Last but not least Charlie DeLucca, who is my mentor and truly knows I have what it takes to make the LPGA. I cannot forget my mom and dad, who always knew I had a knack for this game :)

I would be rude in not thanking all the famalies that I stayed with throughout the year on the Duramed FUTURES tour along with the staff of the tour for making my rookie year a memorable one. I hope next year to be a rookie on the LPGA and I believe that with the support I had this year, I can definitely do it...

Thanks for a great rookie year!!! Keep coming back to my website- the new one should launch relatively soon...it is going to be amazing. I am not going to say too much about the design, because I haven't seen it yet, but think Miami Vice meets Golf Girl :)

Thats all for now...till next time, keep on swingin'

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Qschool Recap and the off-season


Just wanted to put up a quick post because I have been lacking in keeping this blog up-to-date! I finished T13th at LPGA Qualifying Tournament Sectionals out in Rancho Mirage, CA at the beautiful Mission Hills golf courses (Dinah and Palmer) a little over a week ago. The final day, the Desert winds blew and the pins were tucked which resulted in higher scores on the final day. I was very pleased to make it out of California because now I have 2 entire months to prepare for the Finals which is Nov 30-Dec 4th at LPGA International. I am much more confident in my game this year and I feel that I can make it out on the LPGA for 2007!

This off season I will be in the Orlando Area again. I will probably get a part-time job and be working hard on my game. I am currently taking Yoga and Pilates classes and plan on following through with those during the off season as well. I also plan on doing a Pilates for golf clinic in the Orlando area, check out Pilatesforgolf.com to see if there is one near you!

My foot is still the same but it seems the cortizone shot is working pretty good, so hopefully we can just continue this way and maybe postpone surgery for awhile!!!

I had a great time in California, I would LOVE to move there... Thanks to Geo at Taylormade for showing me around the Kingdom ;)

Many great things are lining up...a new website and some other great announcements, but can't count your chicks before they've hatched, so until then I am going to keep it all on the downlow....

Till next time...keep on swingin'
The pic to the right is on the #14 hole on the Dinah Shore Tournament course.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Latest and Greatest

Hey all,

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. Many great things have been happening in my life since my last post. I have been playing, all things considered, good golf, adding more miles to my car, and working out again. My foot still hurts a lot, but the season is almost over and after first stage of Qschool, I am going to rest it for a couple weeks.

I was leading our Tour Championship with a first round of 66, I have been in the final group- more than once- and getting more and more used to the pressure of that final pairing.

I played in the Best Buy Charity Classic out in Minneapolis with some great people from Nintendo. I have had more top 20s, and I plan on making some Top 10s to end out the season. I am currently top 50 on the Money list, but I want to be top 20 at the end of the season. I have been working real hard on my game the past week out here in Maryland and plan on only great things!

I was able to visit with my grandparents in MA and took a week vacation ( a month ago ) out on the Westbrook shore in CT.

I have 3 more events out here on the Futures tour, and then it is out to LPGA Qualifying school. From Sept 14-23 I will be in Palm Springs, CA. trying to get past first stage and out to finals in December, down in Daytona.

Please keep on checking back to my website. I am in the process of having Athlete Web Services do my website and I have a feeling it will be awesome!

Thanks again for supporting my career, Keep on Swingin'


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lake Geneva Recap

Hey all!
Thanks for continuing to follow my progress and for all your support. I played well last week- hurt foot and all!!! I finished T4th and shot 69, 76, 73. It was great to finally play to my capabilities. I had a strong (Heavy...haha) putter the first day that helped me secure only 28 putts. I was nervous my second day, playing in the lead group for the first time since being a pro. I need to get used to playing in the lead group and hopefully this will become a weekly thing for me :) The tournament was amazing. Lake Geneva, WI is a great city. The course was absolutely PURE. The greens rolled true and you had to know what part of the green to be on in order for an easy putt. The volunteers and fans were also great. We had a ton of people watching us every day and it really made you feel like a pro. It was a first class event and Ihad an amazing time...I want to go back to Geneva soon :) Maybe for a summer vacation- oh wait- I don't have that anymore :( Darn!
Next up is my US Women's Open Sectionals. They are in Baltimore, MD. I am excited and head over there tomorrow. Thanks for checking up on me and Keep on Swingin'

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Hey all,

Sorry it has been awhile since my last update. I am currently out of commission for the next couple weeks. I did not play El Paso or Tucson because I have a hurt R
foot that needed rest. I had been playing with it since the 3rd event, Lafayette, and on Doc's orders was told to rest it for a month and try to finish out the sesaon before any further diagnosis can be made. It really kills me to be at home watching the girls playing out there, and my ranking towards the Top 10 slipping away, but I need to rest it because I need my feet for the rest of my life.

I had a great time though so far, on the road, with my travel buddy Beth Irwin. If you check out the Scrapbook portion in the photos section you will see I have added some pics from the road. I hope to get some streaming video on there and figure out podcasts...sorry! Maybe now that I am resting I will have some more time on my hands to do all that. Well that is all for now. Thanks for the emails and great comments about myself, women's golf, my site, and much more! I love getting the emails so please continue to send :) Take care and Keep on Swingin'

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lafayette Recap

Hey all,

Greetings from Memphis, TN. Last week I played in the FUTURES event in Lafayette, LA. I had many exciting and memorable things happen to me that week. I arrived on Tuesday night and played a practice round Wednesday. That evening we had a "Meet the Pros" Party. It was great. It was setup just off the golf course. There was live music and ALOT of food. From there I went and stuffed my face some more at my host family's house. Beth and I stayed with this amazing family that was just so kind to us. We had a great time staying with them.

The first round I got off to a rough start. I was 3 over after 6 holes and looking to almost goto 4. I pulled myself together and ended up only 1 over at the turn. I shot 1 over on the back nine for a total of 74. The following day I got off to a much better start however turned at 2 over. I ended up making many birdies on the back nine, and had it to 3 under on that side (1 under total) until a double on the par 3 8th. It plays about 195 straight to the center but with the wind I HAD TO HIT DRIVER!!! I hit the ball fairly long, about 245-250 avg off the tee and hit driver pin high in the bunker. Hit a horrible out and then had my lone 3 putt of the day :( The final day was a day full of bogies. I was not happy with my short game at all. It failed me this tournament. I have been working on it real hard this week, our week off, so I can make up for it the next few events. I ended with a final round 77 and finished T28. All in all I was not too disappointed. The main reason I was not disappointed was our conditions. I tried real hard to not allow the winds to control my game and for me to be in complete control of everything that happened on the course. I learned alot about myself and that I do not give up. I learned that on a windy day, you cannot let the wind get the best of you or get you down. I learned a lot from this event and I am going to carry that on into the next 3 events in TX which I hear are windy as well....so bring it on!

Other than the golf, we went on an art walk through downtown historic Lafayette, and that was fun to see a lot of the local art. Many of the artists have migrated to Lafayette from New Orleans, since Hurricane Katrina. That evening I tried my very first Crawfish. I feel if you have to work that hard (breaking the shells) for that small piece of meat, might as well order lobster! haha :) I had more seafood last week than I have had my whole life, and I live next to the Atlantic ocean!

Now I am at my friend and travel partner's home in Memphis, TN. We have been able to play some real nice courses, including Spring Creek, where they might have the FedEX St. Jude PGA event next year. Tomorrow is Easter and I wish all of you the best and God Bless.

Till next time...keep on swingin'