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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Ah! To hear those words must be such a thrill for the 2005 Solheim Cup team. It is my goal to be on the team in 2 years, a goal in which I will achieve! It would be nice if Team USA can get the cup back and keep the record streak of no EURO wins in the STATES!!!

Not much else going on here from Michigan. Just practice, practice, practice. I will be leaving on next Saturday for Palm Springs. The first round of Qschool will be on the 20th. You can check scores daily on LPGA.com

A deep warmth of sympathy comes out from the bottom of my heart for those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. After being in Hurricane Andrew in 1992, when I was only nine years old, I can definitely understand how those people must feel. They are in my thoughts and in my prayers. God Bless.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Wendys Wrap Up

Sorry it has been a couple weeks since my last update. I am up here in Michigan, preparing for LPGA First Stage of Qualifying School...but since the last time I wrote, I was able to play as a Sponsor's Exemption into the Wendy's Championship for Children. It was a BLAST. I played in the Monday morning Pro-Am, at Tartan Fields (the tournament site) with a 610 AM Radio Talk Show host from Dublin. I played with him and 3 other people that were winners from a contest he had on his radio show, which was pretty neat. We had a blast and they all had a dry sense of humor...it was GREAT. I also had a great caddy for the event, Miles, he was Birdie Kim's caddy this year at the US Open (if you don't know who she is, she is the girl who hit in from the greenside bunker on 18 to win the US Womens Open). Tuesday was a practice round.My caddy and I were able to put together a gameplan that was safe yet agressive on some holes. We got my yardages down to the half yard which to me was awesome bc I didn't know my exact yardages until then. That afternoon I did a Clinic for young girls with my friend and LPGA star, Catherine Cartwright. It was great because we both grew up playing Jr. golf together...Then I went to a FCA meeting at Ohio Sports Complex. It was a neat way to get away from the tournament site and interact with the players outside the golf world. I had never been to an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meeting, but this one was great, full of skits and yummy food ;P Wednesday was just a practice day. My instructor, Charlie, flew up and we worked on grooving my swing, which luckily, did not need much tunning. Talked with my sports psychologist on the phone that evening to get over any uneasy feelings I had headed into the first round. I must admit, I woke up a few times in the middle of the night...just bc I was so anxious! That first tee shot was amazing, I feltlike I was going to faint or something but right before they called my name, I was OK and hit a great drive about 255 down the middle and was like ok WHEEW!The first nine holes were a little shaky, but overall Iwas pleased with my demeanor on the course and my ability to stay in the present,however, on the 18th hole(my 9th) I had some bad luck...I hit it into the right fairway bunker. I had 170 to the front of the green. I blasted or I should say, NUKED, a 4iron clear over the green. I thought it was in the grandstands, but unfortunately it was in the water.(had it been in the grandstands, I couldve received a free drop). So, I took my drop and then proceeded to chip up and 3putt (ok, so that wasn't bad luck but that 4ir was so PURE...) SO I made the turn at 6 over and then shot 2 over on the other side. That evening there was a player BBQ for players, family, friends and caddies...it was nice, just off of the 1st fairway and the chocolate covered strawberries were delicious! The next day, on the course, I felt normal again just like I had in college events. I made the turn at 2 under and then became hesitant on the backside and shot 40 and ended up with a 74. SO I missed the cut. The cut was at -3, which is pretty low but the conditions were perfect and it was definately scorable. I actually received a manicure the next day for free in the locker room so there was a bright side to missing the cut, haha. Overall though I had a great time and learned a LOT from this exeperience. With each tournament I play in, I inch myself closer and closer to the LPGA. At this event I was so greatful for the people I met. I stayed with an AWESOME family. Many of the pros were super-friendly and I was able to see my friend, Cristie Kerr again. I look forward to getting out on tour bc I now know that I belong out there, it is just a matter of time. Till the next time, thanks for keeping updated and visiting my website. My new website should be up and running within the next few months but I will try and keep this blog updated. Take care!!!