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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

...time goes by...


I have that new Madonna song, Hung Up, in my head so I thought I would title this entry time goes by because that line is in the song. SO! Played in the FUTURES tour qualifier last week and didnt play well at all. I made the cut and will have status next year on their tour, however, the big kahuna, LPGA is coming up soon and that is what I am really pumped up for.

Last week at the qualifying tournament I started to get heart palipitations...I have a mild condition of mitrovalve prolapse and a heart murmur, which is very common, byt combine that with asthma and a resting HR of like 55bpm and you get issues, haha. I think my heart went up to probably 190 bpm. I then went back to the hotel and I just layed in bed the rest of the night. I was actually scared because I felt like I had to goto the hospital, but luckily it wasn't too severe and I am feeling much better now.

About a month ago, I joined Gold's Gym, so that we can keep in shape and get ready before the season. Today I had my first personal training session with Vicky a personal trainer at Gold's. I had been working out 4-5 times a week and sometimes 2x a day and then she absolutely kills me today! Those standing squats on the ball against the wall had me shaking!!! But in the end it was VERY good and I am very motivated to get in the best shape I can before the qualifier and the 2006 season. I hope to get my workout schedule and routine posted soon I will also post the supplements I am currently taking in addition to my workouts. I am planning on taking a day long course on Spinning so that I can be Certified to teach it because I have taken it for so long that I think it would be so much fun to be able to be a substitue spinning instructor during the off-season!

Well thats all for now. I was thinking of trading in my blonde locks for golden brown (back to my au natural!)...let me know what you think- email me your comments...tina@tinamillergolf.com

Take care and keep on swingin'