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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Aftermath of Wilma

Hey All!

Well, as you know, Hurricane Wilma ripped through S. Fla this past week. My family, who is in Miami, was not injured, however, our home was severly damaged and they are still without power. My thoughts and prayers are not only with my family, but with all other families that may be experiencing even worse conditions.

Wilma through off my schedule for the week. I was supposed to go down to Miami for Homecoming/Alumni Weekend, but the hurricane made the University cancel the homecoming activities which really sucks! I am back in Orlando now, Clermont to be exact, and ready to practice some more. I was able to play a couple practice rounds while I was in Lakeland this week. I got down my yardages and game plans for each hole for the FUTURES event about a week from now and I am real excited to get back to the competition again because I havent played in an event since QSchool in California.

I am probably going to sign up for Series 3 of the Ladies Hooter Tour events, so that I can stay competitive and the payout is pretty decent...thats all for now, till next time, keep on swinging!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Updates :)

Hey all! Since my last post many great and exciting events have taken place in my life. First, I made it through first stage of Qualifying School out in California with a four round total of 1 under par. I was real proud of myself, because I knew I had to shoot a good number the last day and I went out and did it! I shot 68 the last day and only needed a 70 to get in (1 over par was the cut). I am now just practicing each day for my next event which is FUTURES tour Qschool November 6-8 in Lakeland, FL. I am playing in Cristie Kerr's Birdies for Breast Cancer charity event at Reunion resort this weekend, if Hurricane Wilma doesnt make landfall!!! AHHHH These hurricanes I tell ya are getting to be like the norm here in Florida. Also, a random thing happened to me the other day. I was at Starbucks by my house in Miami...and who walks in? Anna Kournikova! It was neat and I went up to her and she was SUPER SUPER nice. She was going to workout, to keep her amazing body in shape of course...and she drove off in her fire engine red Porsche...that was the highlight of my week so far! haha. Well that is all for now. I will keep you posted and maybe upload some photos from Cristies Event this weekend. Till then keep on swinging!!!