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Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Holidays

Today I am leaving Clermont and traveling to Miami. I have not been back to Miami since October, so it will probably be upsetting to see all of the damage that was done by Hurricane Wilma. I will be helping out with the Doral Publix Jr. Golf Classic Dec.21-23rd. Each year I help volunteer at the event, hosted at Doral Golf and Spa. I usually get stuck doing the driving range...handing out golf balls at 6 am...OUCH! Oh well, but I do love to watch all the younger kids warm up and see how great their games are! It is so amazing to me how far some of the 6 year olds can hit it these days, watch out Tiger and Annika...haha :) Then I will celebrate Christmas with my family and friends then back up to Clermont where I will be working hard on my game before the FUTURES season kicks off in March. I might play in a couple of the Ladies Hooters Events in my area, but I still have not decided. I am excited to be going back to Miami because I miss the beach and I want to go by my alma mater, UM, and see all the faculty at the athletic center.

I took the plunge and dyed my hair a little darker. I couldn't go all the way back to my natural because thats just way too dark, so I chose a medium-blonde and I absolutely love it. It brings out my green eyes and makes my tan look even more deep. I have just been working out and going easy on the golf. This past Sunday I played 18 holes at the Palm Course on Disney. It was in nice shape and that was the first time I had touched a club since Qschool (which was 1 week to be exact and felt like forever!). I wanted to give myself a break and the break actually helped me. I was a little rough on the first few holes but then loosened up and on the back nine finally knocked in some birdies. It is a nice course and was in great shape, but what do you expect at Disney, everything there is happy and perfect!

My friend Jessica drove up from Miami on her way back to NC and stayed with me for a few nights. We had a little match on Wednesday afternoon, one in which I won...haha (I have to rub it in Jess just because the prize was soo worth winning). The prize was the drink of my choice that evening. We went to Disney Boardwalk and ate at the ESPN resturant which was very tasty especially my MULLIGAN drink that I had there....mmmmmm! Then we hit up Goofy's Candy Store and absolutely splurged on sugar coated peach rings, gummi bears, snow caps...and Jessica got a foot-long pixy stick just full of pure sour sugar...needless to say she ate the whole thing. Then yesterday we went to Magic Kingdom, MGM, and Epcot. I must say that my favorite ride is the Aerosmith Rockin' Rollercoaster, I just LOVE rollercoasters! We then went to Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney and hung out at an Irish Pub with this awesome Irish band and Irish dancer. It was so much fun and we had a blast! Especially when they played the fast song from Napolean Dynamtie, FLIPPIN SWEET!

It has already started to be a great holiday break for me and I wish the same for you and your families as well! Take care and talk to you during the New Year!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Not the end of the world...

Hey all!

I am back here in Clermont, just getting ready to hit the bed, but I just wanted to give you a post LPGA Qschool update. Some of you may have been following the scores on LPGA.com, but for those who haven't here's the scores I shot while at Qschool last week. 78-79-72-71....ROUGH start, but I never gave up. Conditions were pretty cold in the mornings, but ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in the afternoons. The first 3 rounds were real windy and the last day was perfect with almost no wind gusts. I missed the final day cut by just 3 shots and considering I shot so poorly my first two rounds, it somewhat got under my skin. The first two days wasn't my short game, driving, irons...it was mental. I didn't trust the swing I had coming into the event and this is something I tend to do often and something my sports psychologist, Shaun, and I will be working on in the off season. I did have some bad breaks, but who doesn't in golf? In 36 holes I had no birdies, and about 14 lipped out putts. I am not going to blame anyone but myself...BUT when you have that many putts come so close, it really DRAINS you out mentally, especially when you are making great chips, pitches and bunker shots, or even great shots from the fairway and are unable to make the putts. I knew I had to shoot about 68 the last day to have a chance at making the cut. I did leave quite a few putts out there as well. Thanks to Chris, my agent, for coming out to support me and also my dad's cousin, Lee, for watching me play as well...
On a brighter note, I will be playing the FUTURES tour next year. If I would have garnered conditional status on the LPGA, it wouldn't have guaranteed me playing in events on the tour. This way I can focus my entire year at getting my card, and getting back in the spotlight of winning, which to me is super important because if you know how to handle yourself in those pressure situations of holding a lead coming down the stretch- you will be able to do it out on the tour when it truly counts. Also like Vince Lombardi said, "Winning is a habit". To me, once you win...it does become a habit, it becomes addicting and it is something to work toward.
I am taking this week off to rest and hit the gym. I am going to train real hard this off season and add more plyometrics to my workout regimine. I hope to make it up to Minneapolis this winter and work with my sports psychologist at the Mental Edge and also to get a golf specific workout at the Griggs Sports Institute @ the Imani Sports offices. Well till next time, keep on swinging and never ever ever ever (as Tyra Banks would say haha...but seriously she does say ever ever ever alot!) never give up on your dreams!