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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Hey all,

If you have been following my scrolling updates you saw that I made the cut in my first professional event. I had a rough final day. I was too cold the first 5 holes and had absolutely no feel. I don't know why I was so cold because I had about 10 layers on, but I couldn't warm up until the back nine. Also, I need to learn how to play just as hard the last day, as the first day!

I had a LOT of putts too and I am finally going to give in and switch putters. That was the last straw! I am now happy to say that I have SWITCHED putters. I met a company at the PGA show, HEAVY PUTTER. I absolutely love their putter. I am so excited to have it in the bag. The people at the company are the nicest people I have met in this industry! The putter really is heavy, but it allows your arms to just move through the putt and eliminates using your smaller muscles.

PGA show was a blast. I saw my good friends Cristie Kerr and Christina Kim. Also got to see my friends that will be on the new Big Break V, Ashley Prange, and Jeanne Cho. I also got to meet with my new clothing company, LIJA. I am absolutely sooooo excited about their new Fall 2006 line. Some super cute, hip, and sexy clothes :) My friend Beth, who is traveling with me this year on the FUTURES tour, is staying with me for the weekend. We had a blast at the show and were absolutely exhausted yesterday from talking to everyone!

Also, I visited with my 2 little friends, Carly Ray and Julie :) The future of the LPGA tour!

I had such a good time this week and Andy, Beth and I are going to the course for a match today and to try out our new Sky Caddies!

Till next time:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I played my first tournament of the New Year and would like to quickly forget about it. I shot 83, 79. The conditions were not ideal. The winds both days were blowing pretty steady around 20 mph. Todays conditions, wind-wise, were somewhat esaier, but the temperature dropped quite a bit and made it real cold. Yes, the wind...the cold...they both were huge factors for my poor scoring, however, that is no excuse for some of the stupid mistakes I made. This is what upsets me the most. I practice a TON and don't see the results. I guess it will come to me and I will soon be atop the leaderboard like I was in college, but for right now it just sucks. I will wake up tomorrow and not tee it up in the event because I missed the cut by 3 shots. Yea I am pissed. It was a good field, but not spectacular. It is the same girls that I beat in college and at Futures Qschool and LPGA Qschool. So to miss a cut in a Hooters event, yea I am really fired up right now. I am going to let my anger out at the gym tomorrow morning, re-evaluate my practice routine and start over. I am going to act as if I did not waste money to enter that event and MOVE ON!

Enough venting for now and back to the drawing boards! The new John Daly show is hillarious...ya'll have to watch it! I hope you guys like the changes to the website. I am slowly learning more about Podcasts so hopefully I can have all that up before the FUTURES sesason starts. I also wanted to take the time and say that I am real thankful for those people in my life that have been there for me during this process. It is a fun/difficult process and more of a learning experience for me. I learn something new each day. It is nice to have things handed to you in life, but I enjoy the process and working for these things but I couldn't have done many of the things without these certain people in my life such as my agent Chris, who is doing so much and more for me right now and who believes in me...Shaun, my sports psychologist, who is going to help me achieve my goals this year...Andy, for knowing who I am as a person...my dad for loving me no matter what I shoot :) These people help make the hard times, like today, seem not so tough.

Well, off to bed and time for me to write down some immediate goals before I hit some sleep!

Till next time...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Year, New Goals


I am back here in Clermont, FL. I was sick this past week and took it somewhat easy. I practiced alot the past couple days and have been working out, of course, everyday. I am playing in the next 2 ladies hooters events. The one next week is in Eustis, FL about an hour North of where I am at. I am playing a practice round there tomorrow. I am real excited for 3 things, first to be in competition again, 2nd the PGA show coming up ( I have never been before) and finally my birthday is coming up!!! I love birthdays because I love cake! mmmmm :p

I recently signed a one-year deal with a clothing company based out of Canada. It is called LIJA. Their clothes are so cool! It suits my style completely! It is stylish, comfortable and you can actually wear all the pieces off the golf course and not look like you just came off the course! I don't mind being a golfer and looking like one, but it is nice to have fashion on the course and off and LIJA's clothes do that for me! Check out their website, it is under construction right now but should be up and running pretty soon...www.lijastyle.com

This year I have some pretty lofty goals. I am not going to mention them until they become a reality and I have achieved them. Somewhat like you shouldn't tell people what you've wished for... I am going to be a silent one this year... let things workout for themselves. I believe that hard work pays off and I have been working hard both physically (in the gym) and on the course. I will start working with my sports psychologist, Shaun, again this week as well and work on achieving some of those goals!

I will be traveling on the Futures Tour with my friend Beth. Her and I are going to drive everywhere!!! It is going to be INSANE, but a learning experience we will never forget. I promise to keep you updated from the road and hopefully via podcasting. I am obsessed with Apple and my iPod, so I might as well use technology to my advantage. So, until next time....hopefully I will have cashed my first professional check, we will see ;)