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Monday, March 13, 2006


Hey all,

This past week I played in my first Duramed FUTURES Tour event and the first event of the season. It was played at Cleveland Heights in Lakeland, FL. They had our qualifying tournament, for FUTURES Tour, there in November- so I was pretty familiar with it. First off, the FUTURES tour puts on an excellent tournament. You have many expectations heading into a mini-tour, but the tournament was ran real smooth and like a real professional tournament.

Before the tournament began there was a junior clinic that I helped assist with. It was at the First Tee of Lakeland. It was alot of fun helping out the young children. I love doing those things. Also, we had a Meet the Pros party held at the clubhouse and that was fun as well. I hope that I can move up the money list and play in some Pro-Ams because they seem like alot of fun as well.

The tournament for me, to say the least, was a true ROLLERCOASTER...in fact I had a dream about a rollercoaster last night and I think that was a sign that the scary ride is over! haha. I shot 71, 72, 79. I went from T11 the first 2 days to T54...OUCH! My first round I birdied my first 4 holes! It was awesome. I had it to 5 under and then had a real bad 3 putt from about 15 feet. I should've walked away on my 2nd putt but I hit it and suffered the consequences....ya live ya learn! From there the bogies came in bunches but I held on to shoot in red numbers. The next day was just steady pars, a bogey and a birdie, to shoot even and keep it in red numbers. The final day I wasn't nervous, I was actually pumped to go low. I didn't want to be too relaxed just because I made the cut, I actually wanted to make a charge at the leaderboard. I started out with a bogey on my 2nd hole and then a birdie on my 6th hole to get it back to 1 under for the event. I then bogied my 8th and 9th hole and made the turn at 1 over. I bogied my 10th hole and was then at 2 over. I was real upset but realized, OK I have played this side in red numbers both days, lets change this tournament around and get off this bogey train. I went par, par, bogey, bogey....I bogied the easiest par 5 on the course!!! I was then burning up inside, from there I made a good par putt and a good par on the next hole. Then on my 17th hole, par 3 167 yards, I flew the green into the pond behind and failed to get up and down. I ended my round with a good birdie attempt but came away with par.

Overall I was upset with my performance the last day and how I blew an opportunity to start the year off top on the money list. It is not about the money, because I know I will not be able to make alot, it is rather about getting top 5, getting my tour card. It is a long season and the mentally strong will survive. I plan on getting it no matter how hard it is for me, I will do it!!!

FYI: If you live in Florida the event will be on SunSports April 20th-ish. They did an interview with me and plan on using it on their show so keep your eyes out!

Till next time.