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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lake Geneva Recap

Hey all!
Thanks for continuing to follow my progress and for all your support. I played well last week- hurt foot and all!!! I finished T4th and shot 69, 76, 73. It was great to finally play to my capabilities. I had a strong (Heavy...haha) putter the first day that helped me secure only 28 putts. I was nervous my second day, playing in the lead group for the first time since being a pro. I need to get used to playing in the lead group and hopefully this will become a weekly thing for me :) The tournament was amazing. Lake Geneva, WI is a great city. The course was absolutely PURE. The greens rolled true and you had to know what part of the green to be on in order for an easy putt. The volunteers and fans were also great. We had a ton of people watching us every day and it really made you feel like a pro. It was a first class event and Ihad an amazing time...I want to go back to Geneva soon :) Maybe for a summer vacation- oh wait- I don't have that anymore :( Darn!
Next up is my US Women's Open Sectionals. They are in Baltimore, MD. I am excited and head over there tomorrow. Thanks for checking up on me and Keep on Swingin'