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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hey all,

Just got back from another trip to Miami. This time I went down for a University of Miami Hurricane Club benefit tournament. The UM Hurricane Club raises funds for the UM Student Athlete Scholarship fund...so we can recruit only the top athletes in all sports! It was held at Deering Bay Golf & Yacht Club this past Monday. It was a beautiful day in Miami! It was nice to see some familiar faces from UM. My team shot 16 under and I think we finished top 5, but no trophy! Oh well. We had a great time though.

Also, I worked hard on my game at Inverrary Golf Course with Barry Goldstein again. We are working on getting my backswing more on plane and my downswing a little less stuck behind. Although I am not anywhere near being on plane, I am striking the ball real solid. We also check the basics, grip-aim-stance-and posture. These are things that if you do not pay attention to them all the time, they can get sloppy. I am so excited for the FUTURES season to get underway. I have been training so hard and I am so excited to get back into steady competition again.

I am using the new R7 425 cc. I love it! I am hitting it awesome. I also switched to the Taylor OS long irons, 3-5. I am hitting them much better because they are alot more forgiving. I also switched to the Taylor wedges, a 60* and 54*. Thanks to the guys at Taylor Made for making me such great clubs. Of course, my HEAVY PUTTER is working so well for me! My lag puttng is getting better and with some new drills I learned yesterday I am going to become a more consistent putter.

Till next time...keep on swingin'

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Still workin'

I am just back from a short trip to Miami. I went back home to Miami to visit with my family but also to work on my swing and do some minor tweaking before the season starts up in March. I went to a lesson today with Barry Goldstein at Inverrary Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is a top 50 teacher and a super guy! His daughter, Carly, is awesome too! I am working on getting my swing on a more upright plane. I have always taken the club way inside and this has hindered my ability to be a consistent player. When I was on with my old swing, I was unstoppable, but when I was off- I WAS OFF...ie. this year's US Women's Open. haha I can laugh about it now. Also I am working on having correct posture throughout my swing. These sound like easy changes, but for me they really are difficult because when you have done something for 15 years, everyday, about 300-400 balls each day....it gets ingrained in your muscle memory. These are changes I knew I needed to make and I am ready to work real hard for the next two weeks!

Till next time :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Baby Steps to my Big Goals!


Just wanted to update everyone about my upcoming events. I'm going to play in the Florida Women's Open February 28-March 2, 2006 at Rio Pinar here in Orlando, FL. I think it will be a good tune-up for the first FUTURES event the following week in Lakeland, FL.

I spent the weekend in St. Petersburg with my friend who will be traveling with me, Beth Irwin. I mentioned her in the last post- we will be traveling with one another on the FUTURES tour. We had an awesome weekend. First we started out "trying" to play a practice round at the 2nd FUTURES tour site, Summerfield Crossings, in Tampa, FL...except the course closed because it was raining soooo bad! So what do you do if you can't play golf? Ya go shopping! We hit up some mall in Brandon, FL and then drove over to her place in St. Pete. It was awesome...right on the bay, beautiful view. I love the water...water and golf courses, those would have to be where I will live when I get my own place- but enough day dreaming!...So the next day we scheduled a tee time at the same course- BUT of course, it was raining again and only 9 holes were open...so we just chilled, went to ihop, then went on a scavenger hunt to find a course that was open- and there was a First Tee facility open in St. Pete, so we hit there just to keep the swing in gear. The following morning...we FINALLY played Summerfield Crossings! It was a rough day for Beth and I, but at least we were able to see the layout and play! The people at the course were super friendly, I hope all the FUTURES sites have friendly people like there :)

So I have had this headache for the past 3 days now and I am getting worried...I hate doctors and medicine but I think I might have to give in because it is affecting my practice! Well till next time...hopefully my head will be OK by then ;)