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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lafayette Recap

Hey all,

Greetings from Memphis, TN. Last week I played in the FUTURES event in Lafayette, LA. I had many exciting and memorable things happen to me that week. I arrived on Tuesday night and played a practice round Wednesday. That evening we had a "Meet the Pros" Party. It was great. It was setup just off the golf course. There was live music and ALOT of food. From there I went and stuffed my face some more at my host family's house. Beth and I stayed with this amazing family that was just so kind to us. We had a great time staying with them.

The first round I got off to a rough start. I was 3 over after 6 holes and looking to almost goto 4. I pulled myself together and ended up only 1 over at the turn. I shot 1 over on the back nine for a total of 74. The following day I got off to a much better start however turned at 2 over. I ended up making many birdies on the back nine, and had it to 3 under on that side (1 under total) until a double on the par 3 8th. It plays about 195 straight to the center but with the wind I HAD TO HIT DRIVER!!! I hit the ball fairly long, about 245-250 avg off the tee and hit driver pin high in the bunker. Hit a horrible out and then had my lone 3 putt of the day :( The final day was a day full of bogies. I was not happy with my short game at all. It failed me this tournament. I have been working on it real hard this week, our week off, so I can make up for it the next few events. I ended with a final round 77 and finished T28. All in all I was not too disappointed. The main reason I was not disappointed was our conditions. I tried real hard to not allow the winds to control my game and for me to be in complete control of everything that happened on the course. I learned alot about myself and that I do not give up. I learned that on a windy day, you cannot let the wind get the best of you or get you down. I learned a lot from this event and I am going to carry that on into the next 3 events in TX which I hear are windy as well....so bring it on!

Other than the golf, we went on an art walk through downtown historic Lafayette, and that was fun to see a lot of the local art. Many of the artists have migrated to Lafayette from New Orleans, since Hurricane Katrina. That evening I tried my very first Crawfish. I feel if you have to work that hard (breaking the shells) for that small piece of meat, might as well order lobster! haha :) I had more seafood last week than I have had my whole life, and I live next to the Atlantic ocean!

Now I am at my friend and travel partner's home in Memphis, TN. We have been able to play some real nice courses, including Spring Creek, where they might have the FedEX St. Jude PGA event next year. Tomorrow is Easter and I wish all of you the best and God Bless.

Till next time...keep on swingin'

Monday, April 03, 2006

Can you pack your life into a suitcase?

This is how I feel right now. Lots of clothes and one little suitcase sits on my bed. I am preparing to pack for pretty much the entire season of golf, on the FUTURES tour, so that means for the rest of the year. I have to pack for all conditions: Cold, Hot, and Pro-Am parties, workout clothes, shampoo conditioner, straightener, blowdryer, golf clothes, regular clothes... it sounds like not that much, but it is going to be hella hard to zip up my case. Before I start updating you on some things, I just want to say thank you to all the people in the Clermont/W. Orlando area who allowed me to practice at their facilities. Without them, I would have no where to play golf. They include: Roger and the staff at Stoneybrook West, Jim and the staff of Legends GC, and finally Adam and the staff of Kings Ridge. Thank you SO much!

Ok. Now for the updates. Last week I finally got a car! I got a 2003 Saturn VUE. That is going to be my home away from home once May rolls around. I bought it down at Esserman Nissan, in Miami. The process was vitrually painless and very easy! Thanks to the guys at Esserman for all their help with the purchase :)

I also spent a day with my brother at Disney. He is at school in Gainesville, FL and we went to Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios. I absolutely love the Aerosmith Rockin' RollerCoaster :) I LOVE rollercoasters!!! My favorite is probably still Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, but Rockin Roller Coaster is REALLY a close 2nd. Other than that I have been just relaxing, working out moderately and of course practicing, but not over-doing it. It will be a long time out on the road and I do not need to burnout before the season even begins.

I love to watch that show Deal or No Deal. I think I am now addicted to that, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Houswives and Big Break V. I can't wait for the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to start then I will have pretty much every day covered!

Ok well that is it for now. Keep your eyes out for the GOLF CHANNEL everyday....starting tomorrow...I will be in a HEAVY PUTTER infomercial :) I am real excited about that!!! It is a great putter and I completely believe in it! Off to Louisiana tomorrow evening for the event so till next time!